“Surviving the Hawaiian Wildfires Fire Country : Story of Courage Lynette “Pinky”


Lynette “Pinky” Iverson has been well-known in the Hawaiian town of Lahaina for a long time. People there recognize her for her decorated pickup truck and her small dog named Tiny.

During the recent wildfires, Lynette used her truck to help many people escape. She loaded around twelve people onto her truck and left the town as the fires spread.

Lynette shared her experience from a shelter, saying that when she reached her truck, it was already surrounded by flames. She tried to save people, but she couldn’t save everyone. She saw the fire reach her own home while she was trying to protect it with water.

Lynette only had time to grab her car keys and her dog Tiny before leaving. Her dog Tiny was in danger from a venomous centipede in the shelter, but Lynette managed to keep it away.

After living in her truck for six years, Lynette finally got a place to stay in a housing community. Even though she’s in her 70s, she hopes to find a new place to live.

Another resident, Steve Strode, had to leave behind a disabled neighbor while escaping the fire. He and his neighbor used their bicycles to reach safety, cycling through tall flames caused by strong winds and dry weather.

The wildfires started on Hawaii’s Maui island, where Lahaina is located, and on the Big Island. The fires spread quickly due to hurricane winds and dry conditions. Many people are now homeless because of this disaster, and there are six shelters open on Maui.

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