“Ukraine’s Daytime Missile Strike Near Kerch Bridge Intercepted by Moscow”


Ukraine Conducts Daytime Missile Strike on Kerch Bridge; Moscow Claims Missile Interception

In a rare daytime incident, Ukraine has launched a missile attack targeting the Kerch Bridge on the Crimean Peninsula. Moscow asserts that the missiles were intercepted and no damage was caused.

Videos shared on social media depict two smoke columns rising near the bridge. Verification of potential damage to the bridge by The Telegraph is currently unavailable.

Sergei Aksyonov, the Russian-appointed governor of Crimea, communicated via Telegram that their air defense forces successfully intercepted two enemy missiles over the Kerch Strait, preventing damage to the Crimean bridge. Aksyonov’s advisor alleged that the visible smoke was generated as a “cover” by rescue services.

Simultaneously, the Russian defense ministry stated that Ukraine attempted to attack the bridge using S-200 anti-aircraft rockets.

This incident marks the first recorded daytime attempt to target the Kerch Bridge. It occurred shortly after the Russian defense ministry claimed to have thwarted 20 drone attacks on the occupied Crimean peninsula earlier on the same Saturday.

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