“Fire at French Disability Holiday Home,11 Missing, Rescue Underway”


A fire erupted at a French holiday home for individuals with learning disabilities, leaving 11 people missing. Around 80 firefighters rushed to the scene in La Forge after the alarm was raised at 06:30 local time on Wednesday.

Local authorities have classified the 11 missing individuals as “potentially deceased,” according to AFP. The fire likely started in a property utilized by a charity aiding young people with disabilities. One person has been hospitalized, and 17 were evacuated.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin confirmed an ongoing rescue operation, anticipating multiple casualties. The incident occurred near Wintzenheim, close to the German border.

The group of missing individuals, part of a contingent from Nancy, was staying in the building. Despite the fire’s intensity, four fire engines and 76 firefighters managed to swiftly bring it under control.

Officials, including French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne and families minister Aurore Bergé, are en route to Wintzenheim to provide support to the victims and their families.

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