Malaysia air crash: Deaths feared as plane hits Motorway


Numerous fatalities are suspected following a tragic incident in which a private jet crashed into a roadway during its landing attempt in Malaysia.

Reports indicate that a Beechcraft Model 390 airplane, en route from Langkawi to Selangor, met with disaster as it endeavored to touch down. The catastrophe resulted in the loss of life of two motorists and eight individuals who were aboard the aircraft when it collided with Guthrie Highway near Elmina.

Malaysia’s law enforcement confirmed this devastating toll, but the nation’s civil aviation authority refrained from endorsing the information at this time. According to the Selangor police chief, the airplane ceased communication with air traffic control approximately two minutes prior to its intended landing at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in the city. Despite being granted clearance for landing, no emergency distress call was received from the aircraft.

Hussein Omar Khan, the police chief, stated to Reuters, “A total of six passengers and two flight crew were on board, and their conditions have yet to be confirmed.” Norazman Mahmud, CEO of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), echoed this sentiment.

An engineer working nearby reported hearing an explosion and recounted rushing to the scene where he encountered injured individuals. Mohamad Syahmie Mohamad Hashim, a former member of the Malaysian Air Force, informed AFP that he observed the aircraft displaying erratic flight patterns prior to a loud explosion. He recounted, “Not long after that I heard a loud boom. I sped towards the location and saw the remains of an aircraft. I couldn’t do anything.”

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